Sunday 15 May 2022

Another edition is over

And it's been a Eurovision like no other (aren't they always?).

In January, we released ESC-Wordle. Google Analytics told us that it has been played in thousands of locations in many countries around the world. One of these in particular drew my attention - Bucha, Ukraine. 17 February. A few days before the horror unfolded.

It probably was a nerdy Eurovision fan just like me and you. I hope they survived. And I'd like to think that last night made them happy, because they need it most, and making people happy is what Eurovision does best.

It's time to thank the EBU and RAI for making it happen, our blogging team - and of course all of you for reading and commenting. ESC Nation will be here for you during the unknowns of the coming year.

For now, happy hangover!