Saturday 16 May 2015

Haiku #6

Long lingering kiss
Borderline cases abound
Faves repeat to fade

Recap of Dinner: Semi 2 run 2 day 6.

Going to two parties and a kebab place and getting kicked out of all three because they were closing was no a good idea. My juices have flown to somewhere unknown and my mind is shutting down slowly but surely. Interview waiting is draining and watching rehearsals is leading to insanity - but we love it all deep down. I apologise in advance however if I end up repeating myself or not really finding anything enlightening to say about things.

So sweet it gives you cavities. Cavities which are expensive to fill. And you start regretting eating the sugar. But you still eat a chocolate bar the next morning as part of a healthy breakfast. End.

Why does he need to rehearse? This is just sorted as it is. But we're not complaining, we get to see Måns over and over and over again - good times! He must be a top 3 surely.

Well, she is now on a sunny beach backdrop! No, no, she's still in the forest. She hasn't got lost in there yet. Oh well, still time.

No no, I joke. It's ok I guess. Nothing magical but ok.

I still don't get it personally but everyone I talk to seems to think it's amazing - so who am I to disagree. John is a sweetie though so I would be happy for him if/when he does go through.

As with Sweden, this is just to run through and make sure that nothing wrong happens. A strong song with a strong show. Cannot fault it.

In the name of love ... and all that is sacred I better not comment. Bed time me thinks.
She uses the clips we also see in the video where she is dancing and having fun. Lovely. Thing is, if the commentators don't mention she is not wheelchair-bound by accident and not by birth, or if the audience is either ot paying attention or just not able to process information due to alcohol levels in their blood - which is very plausible by this point - then it's just some random woman dancing when Monika is singing...

So, done for the day. Food, quick nap and then out again! We need our head studied.

Recap of Lunch: Semi 2 run 2 day 6.

Well, Portugal decided on the best of their selection. And their best was ... well... we shall see. She is a favourite currently in the voting ... not that she will be happy for it though. San Marino is ahead by a bit in as second to last.

These two are lovely crazy. They are the kind of artist we just want to have in a party. And you know they would be great at it. Not sure what will happen with this, but however it goes, I'm glad they are here and they are bringing their energy to the show.

Loads of issues in the rehearsal, stopping and starting, mic transmitter falling out of his pants, random camera angles and a increasingly frustrated-during-break Nadav. However, even though he is so young he is a professional while performing. You would not know that he has not had the best day up to now. I tentatively say this will qualify.

FANTABLULOUS. Not much needed to get Latvia to the final. A comment not made by myself said that she needs to try and do her hair a bit better. I guess if this was the only negative, explains it all.

The staging is working well. Still hearing some jealous snarky comments about the size of the shirtless male dancer (not many people care about the girl) but the thought behind it was quite innovative if you ask me so kudos. Kudos and good luck! Would love to go back to Baku, tubakoo, Asserjibun.

Recap of Breakfast: Semi 2 run 2 day 6.

OH MY GOD! THEY KISS! ON STAGE! Lithuania 12 points!.. for equality. The rest of it did not change from the first rehearsal. But why change anything when you think it works well?

Molly doesn't look at the camera at all. Is this what she was going for? That is all.

World is still turning in the wrong direction. For a young couple of artists who were up quite late last night belting songs they seem to be doing quite well. The song still seems like it should be the theme tune for a low budget Disney film or some single for helping the poor. If this would be Sweden it would be Radiohjälpen not MF.

The backdrop still gives me a bit of a funny tummy but oh well. All backing singers seem so angry, what the hell happened to them? Not meaning that something bad happened on stage or there were issues with the rehearsal, no, they just be angry looking. Like they ate substantial calories or something.

PS: And turn and hop and turn and hop and turn and hop ... nothing like a good ol' Slavic dance.

OK, unbiasism (you understood it, it's a word, really) to the wind! This is my home nation and it's amazing! Obvi!

OK, joking apart, it is a huge improvement from the first rehearsal. Amber looks great and the stage and camera angles work really well. Some people are mentioning it's too Conchita but so are a few songs which have a similar rhythm this year. Amber sings well but I can see her belt it more on the night.

BLACK PANTS! Thank the TV gods! No change of outfit for Debrah but the camera is working better. Singing towards each other in the first verse - good, singing to the audience in the second and chorus - not so good. End scene works amazingly well. I still think they could have done a bit better with the middle. Still - qualifying without any issue.

Party: San Marino


It was a party. It had pizza, it had booze, it had singing and it had us! What else could you want from life? San Marino - you rock! You can come back next year ... pretty please!

Interiew: Lithuania

Monika and Vaidas work wonderfully well together. The two have lots of energy and you can see they bounce off each other. With their entry being about the simpleness that love can be when it is allowed to be itself and not having to put it in a neat box maybe round and round and round and round and round they will go.