Sunday 23 May 2021

It's over. Goodbye!

So it was quite predictable in the end and our team all guessed the winner and last place correctly (except Jordy. You're fired). But what a fantastic two weeks it's been.

Thank you Netherlands, participants, the EBU and coffee for making all this possible.

Thank you Ben, Roger, SamB, Sild and Jonas (on standby) for blogging in ridiculous hours of the day, and mostly to Jordy for running around between the press centre, the arena and the PCR station to keep you up to date with reports and performances.

Thank you other fansites (particularly for covering what we didn't and sometimes agreeing with us, sometimes having a completely different opinion as if we've watched different things.

And most of all, thank *you* for reading and commenting.

Until next time, Goodbye!