Monday 3 May 2021

Rotterdam is getting ready!

As the stage construction has completed and the 65th edition of the contest is about to errupt, Rotterdam is finalizing its preparations with some last finishing touches.

Waterloo-playing traffic lights ✅

Banners with classic Eurovision lyrics ✅

 Eurovision Covid-19 Test Pavilion ✅
Looks like they're ready - and so are we! ESC Nation will be live from the Ahoy Arena this year to report on the rehearsals, starting Saturday the 8th of May at 10:00 sharp. 📢

For an overview of all rehearsals click here.

Five more days to go, people! Let's consider this contribution of local artists the opening ceremony of the upcoming rehearsal week. 

🎉 Eurovision. Is. Back! 🎉

Now let's hope I don't get tested positive.