Sunday 19 May 2013

Tack och adjö

So, before we set back to the calm off-season, here are a few small thanks:

  • To the EBU and SVT for providing us with the convenient reporting facilities, all went nicely and smoothly
  • To many other fan sites (esc-chat, ESC Kaz, escXtra,, escgalaxy, oneurope, eurovision-kiribati and many more) for helping out in such a friendly atmosphere in the press centre
  • To the delegations for allowing us to conduct interviews, ask them about hamsters and add their dancers to our hotties blog
  • To the people of Malmö
  • To Copenhagen Airport for the free wifi and hand luggage trollies. Hope they're still there next year!
  • And mostly to all of you, for reading, sharing, liking, disliking and commenting
Over for another year? ORIMLIGT!