Friday 5 May 2023

Auto Finalist Reharsals - a roundup

Alright mate!

After a bit of a break for semi finalists' second rehearsals - and for me to travel over half of this year's participants by plane - we are back with the first rehearsals for those lucky 6 pre-qualified countries.

Click to watch the TikTok, or as an MBer is worth a 1000 words, read their comments below instead.

1. France 🇫🇷

- It's like they saw Moldova 2013 and thought... MORE.
- This looks potentially glorious! But yikes at the wobbly platform!
- If Barbara Pravi was the Louvre, this is EuroDisney

2. Germany 🇩🇪

Well. Glad we only going to see this once
Watching without the sound this was quite headache inducing
I find it hard to predict this one - it looks and sounds as you'd expect and will have an audience

3. Spain 🇪🇸

- Awesome! First winner vibes after Finland. Love the blinding hand thingie
- We can check her Benidrom performance to see all of the rehearsal
- I like this. But it will bomb on its arse, I'm afraid

4. Italy 🇮🇹

- A ‘no staging’ staging might actually be the smartest choice considering the stagings we’ve seen
- Can't stand the voice, the pants and shirt don't work together...but it's competent 
- He's so pretty. Love his voice. And this doesn't need a big staging

5. Ukraine 🇺🇦

- Looks and sounds very competent. Lower top 10, I'd say
- The oufits are hideous, everything else seems pretty good
- Ukraine just knows how to do Eurovision, this is very good

6. UK 🇬🇧

- This is excellent. They've done a much better job than I was expecting. With good vocals this is top 10
- Sounds like they pre-recorded some extra backings, which I think works well
- That's just a small part. Cute graphics. Didn't we see the hands thing before?

So there we have it. Stand by for some extra content to tide you over the weekend, before I head to Liverpool on Monday to be your live correspondent, and our wider (rude) team brings you coverage of the full rehearsals next week, as well as hopefully our predictions and the usual fun!