Sunday 6 May 2018

Second rehearsal: Germany to Italy

End of Week One

Many thank you for reading and commenting! Elin and myself are off to other parts of Portugal now, Jeremy will be with you for the remaining events with some fresh perspectives.


These guys are true professionals. Looks fantastic inside the arena, without those silly distracting words in screen (second goosebump moment of the year for me). Unlike Serbia, they haven't been listening to us.


The red trainer shoes are still there. First shot is really effective, with both of them staring to the camera (it looks like they're standing next to each other, but in fact he's behind her). This time we don't see Monsieur picking up the microphone before the hand bit.
We'll have to wait to see this with audience to know how effective this is.


Well, this is just so so so good (except the lyrics, and the hair). Germany is back on track for doing things right.


We meant to bring you the full run this morning, but we had to deal with our main site being down (hosting company is in the UK - just as well we missed their rehearsal!)

Sunday morning

Hello - we're currently having problems with our main website, but are working to fix it!

We're also moving house today, so there won't be the usual updates on this blog. But here's Pasha Cat to keep you entertained.