Friday 7 May 2021

Getting all set up

Tonight I visited the Accreditation Centre to pick up accreditation and to get tested at the Testing Pavilion that is set-up right next to the venue. As everyone needs to be tested every 48 hours, I thought it was convenient to do it the evening before the rehearsals to avoid possible cues tomorrow morning. 

Apparently this idea was shared by other accredited press and delegation members, as I spotted the Swedish and Irish delegation in the Testing Pavilion. 

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient everything seems to be organized. After receiving my accreditation card, I was guided towards the Testing Pavilion where they used a breathalyzer followed by a PCR-test to get me tested. After waiting in a rather massive waiting room I got a text message with a link to the test-results.

As I fortunately tested negative, my accreditation card was granted 48 hour access to the Press Centre. Access I will richly use to keep you all up to date tomorrow when the rehearsals are about to begin!