Wednesday 3 May 2023

Third Day of Reharsals - a roundup

 Alright love,

Today is the day (or should that say Yesterday?) [NO BEATLES REFS, PLEASE] when the remaining semi finalists take on their first rehearsal.

You can click the country name to view the TikTok, but why not be lazy and let me select a few of my favourite descriptions from people on our message board who (presumably) watched the TikTok so we don't have to.

1. Estonia 🇪🇪

- Lights! Arms! Hair! 
- Is It True from Wish
- She seems fun, unlike her song 

2. Iceland 🇮🇸

- This is giving me upgraded Svala vibes
- Kinda wish they would have done something else than to just put her alone on an empty stage. 
- Ay ay ay. That jacket... 

3. Greece 🇬🇷

- He got his mother’s voice (Dilja) and his father’s fashion sense (Theodor Andrei)
- He's so mature. Looks and sounds great, seems an easy Q
- Very nice and this changes as I had this as a NQ... changed my mind

4. Poland 🇵🇱

- This is my guilty pleasure and I'll probably secretly root for this - but that dance break makes zero sense
- Oh she has an Eleni moment
- Oh honey... you ain't no Chanel 

5. Slovenia 🇸🇮
- Love how they didn’t tell the drummer the music’s prerecorded
- Bojan's so likeable. Doesn't seem like there's much going on but great energy
- Incredibly charismatic bunch of people. My guess is that they’re gonna do really well based on that alone.

6. Georgia 🇬🇪

- With those visuals and that voice you'd almost forget it lacks a proper song
- I LOLed at her flawless English, that was unexpected
- Basically like in the video. Hope the gibberish parts look good on screen as they are the best bits. 

7. San Marino 🇸🇲

- Not sure about the red/black/lips choice here. I'd have gone quirky and colourful to make it more tongue in cheek
- It feels like there's a lot of lying on the floor this year
- Clearly they had the graphics already made for Ice Eye before they unexpectedly got knocked out in the semi 

8. Austria 🇦🇹

- Love the "urgh" on the screen (is it reacting to San Marino?)
- Edgar makes it onto the screen at the end
- I'm a little surprised they haven't got the opera parts on the backing track. Would be an easy way to make it sound full

9. Albania 🇦🇱

- Greece's 10 should be a nice comfort for the ride home
- Staging is a bit boring, but they are so gonna slay this
- They look much more comfortable than in FiK. I like it.

10. Lithuania 🇱🇹

- Should be enough for final
- Some purple to break up all the red and orange \o/
[This is the least commented on rehearsal so far, so have a picture]

11. Australia 🇦🇺

- Hairography!
- If My Calculations Are Correct, When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour, You're Gonna See Some Serious S***
- RUDE! [R] - VanessaAmorosi - 20:52:54 

Now everybody has rehearsed once, nobody is any the wiser.

Will Finland or Sweden win? (that depends which one you like more)
Will Latvia or Ireland come last? (that depends if you're Ron or YSB)
Will anybody get 10/10 qualifiers in Semi 2? (unlikely but we know What They Say)