Saturday 29 April 2017

Walking the streets in Ukraine

Not a lot to report today, but accreditation has successfully been picked up and the hotel room-venue journey timed, meaning tomorrow morning will bring with it effortless and stress-free travel!

It's just four stops on the metro from the city centre to the International Exhibition Centre, so the logistics are pretty easy. And a single ticket on the metro costs about 15 eurocents, so little to complain about there!

This afternoon's activities involved having a lot of sushi for lunch, doing a very small amount of sightseeing, and sitting drinking coffee. It's a hard life.

The first morning of rehearsals tomorrow will no doubt mean some kind of issue with something or other at the press centre. Most likely there won't be sound on the monitors for the first run through of the first rehearsal, but luckily it's Sweden and we already know exactly what we're getting there.

I morgon är en annan dag.