Saturday 12 May 2018

What Sild said

He's always right, so I'll just agree with him I think.

Fiskeprediction Final

The day has come! After a delightful evening at Eurocafé last night, complete with rolling-on-sidewalk-in-gigglefits on our way home, we're feeling a little under the, em, weather today, but soon time to get ready for the big final. An attempt to predict the final result follows below, but be warned, I don't think I've ever been as clueless as this!

1 Cyprus | What the heck... Just a week ago, I thought it'd be lucky to scrape into top 15, and I really am usually not one to get too carried away by improved performances and rehearsals, but here I am, getting carried like there's no tomorrow and considering to grow my hair out.
2 France | Has disappeared a bit in the middle of semi qualifiers, but this should be up there. Jury winner?
3 Israel
4 Hungary | This is just wishful thinking, isn't it?
5 Sweden | Standard Swedish safe result.
6 Ireland | I'm a bit baffled this is 3rd in the betting, but can see it getting pretty good televote support.
7 Germany | Still not at all sold on this, but many others seems to be.
8 Norway
9 Bulgaria
10 Moldova | Refreshing and pure, somehow.
11 Australia | Loving this on the Lisbon dancefloors!
12 Estonia | After upping my expectations of this just before the first semi, I'm now back at thinking it disappears a bit. What's with all the long shots where the dress is just reduced to a lil'dot on the horizon?
13 Czechia | When I watched the recap and this came on, I realised I'd totally forgot it existed. But then they did the bum-wriggle and I giggled and it was back.
14 Lithuania | Not quite getting the massive betting on this, but it should do decently in the end.
15 Italy | Don't really think the staging and graphics work ("Where are they?"), but it's kinda in a niche of its own, so I assume it will get a certain amount of support.
16 Albania | Whereas this really works, with Eugent looking very charming, sweet and engaging throughout. Fear it won't get much but diaspora televotes, but hopefully the juries can help him.
17 Spain | I've had several times this season where I've thought this could really work in the televote, with all the đź§€, but with that draw, I now really doubt it.
18 Austria | One of my absolute favourites this year, but it all disappears a bit, doesn't it? And I wish he had an actual mic!
19 Portugal | Our Airbnb host was not at all keen on this, she said it had 'no emotions, we Portuguese need emotions', and while I personally disagree, I think the general public will be on Airbnb's side, and largely ignore.
20 Ukraine
21 Denmark
22 Serbia | I'm actually more baffled this qualified than Slovenia, but Serbia presumably have a certain amount of automatic points wrapped up, so can't see it going all the way to the bottom.
23 Finland
24 Slovenia | Was it actually the ill-advised and criticised break that did it for her in the end?
25 Netherlands | I refuse to listen to any kinds of arguments about juries voting for quality here. #ByeFelicia
26 United Kingdom | Poor SuRie...

Have a wonderful evening, everyone!

There's still time to practice

Come on, you know you want to.

Haiku #12

Jury rehearsal
Don't bother with the reports
Everyone was good