Sunday 5 May 2013

They've killed Sopho!

And replaced her with Diana Gurtskaya?!

"Feels like I'm flying, like if I could see..."

Before I go...

The day has come! It nearly started in disaster when I somehow couldn't find my key upon arrival at doorstep last night, and had to walk across town all the way to The Milk Place for a nice serving of hot dog and a sofa. Have since located my spare key and gotten in, so I will have to pack after all... Damn.

Before we dive into the madness full speed tomorrow, here's a little run-through of my views on the songs, in a nice little ranked order.

Starting with the worst... 

Utterly, utterly useless. The only thing keeping it from being as painfully bland as Estonia 2007 (:-[) or the likes is her horrendously annoying voice.

If forced to say something positive, I guess it *was* easily the best option in the Spanish final... Such an obvious bid for last place it's bound to beat something.