Saturday 6 May 2017

Haiku #7

Pyro here not there
Better worse about the same

Day 7 - 2nd Run Through : BUL / LTU / EST / ISR


The high notes are still one of the few things IMRI is not able to do. Look good in absolutely anything - check, dance - check, break hearts - check, sing most of his song - check, but high notes - no check there. Shame really since that is what people will remember, and not the majority of the stuff he does well. We need to also check what reprise IBA will choose but if they don't get this right, it could possibly be that Israel does not qualify. It is borderline at the best of times, but in this semi you need to be vocally spot on in order to be sure of a place on Saturday.

2nd Run - All that we can concentrate on now are those bad high notes. Even though the rest is not terrible - it's not a masterpiece of Eurovision art but it's not a disaster in the making - the bad notes are all that we can hear. There is a battle brewing and the strom clouds are coming in!

3rd Run - Not even pyro is helping this. Yes, I have written it. Pyro has not actually saved the day. I feel dirty and need a shower after that. IMRI is smiling but you can tell on his face he is not happy. Did he not know earlier he cannot reach the notes he's trying?


Koit's wearing a different jacket than on Tuesday while Laura seems to be in the same frock. The two are singing well and are matching eachothers' melody quite nicely. They are also finding the camera's which is an improvement but Koit is still quite robotic in his acting. It's not too distracting however and we can live with it. The two are making more of an effort after they find themselves (in Verona) to look more like a couple rather than two people who just bumped in the street. Unlikely to stay in the semi.

2nd Run - The camera didn't find Laura in the beginning. Great start! Other than that though, all fell back into place and another great rendition of a wonderful song and a good stage show.

3rd Run - Another good performance. People are still giggling at Koit's acting but I think now it's more their issue than his. He's not laughably terrible, just a bit stiff. If you see the people who are laughing I very much doubt they would be any better.


Everything is exactly the same as the first rehearsal. Dresses, cameras and lighting. Also the feelings that get produced when listening to this song. Everything is exactly the same. I know some people actually like this, but even though Lithuania has many times been the country that I got wrong - when I thought it would fail it qualifies, when I thought it would qualify (due to being wrong before) then it fails ... - but this year I cannot see this having a hope of getting through which is a sad thing especially when they had such a long selection process and had a couple of decent choices available in it. Oh well, you reap what you sow I guess.

2nd Run - It happened. It ended. We applauded (internally).

3rd Run - I apologise, nature called, I answered. I've been told not much has been missed however.


Kristian changed the white oversized t-shirt which he wore on the first rehearsal with, well, something we can't see. All we know is that the white is not showing any more. Forgetting the hype that has been created around this entry, although the singing is very good, the staging and camera work is not giving chills. Kristian being on stage by himself just seems to make the song lose something. A few dancers or elements from the music video would have gone down well but this just appears to be a nice song with a flat presentation. Could this be losing the "top of region" spot?

2nd Run - A couple of changes have been made and they seem to work better but it's not suddenly become a super attention grabber. Bulgaria will not need to worry about qualifying but I doubt it be giving a real run for top place come Saturday. A strong top 5 contender however.

3rd Run - And this was much of the same. You'll see the clip online - let us know what you think.

Day 7 - 2nd Run Through : CRO / NOR / CHE / BLR


Ksenija is wearing a different number to what she did on Tuesday but Arciom is wearing the same. Cameras are working well however wouldn't say excellent yet. The backdrop is still just a lot of random but that's not always a bad thing. Everything in me wants this to qualify however trying to take a balanced view on it, the likelihood is debatable. There are a few strong songs in this semi therefore what would make the people at home vote for this over something else?

2nd Run - This needs the crowd to be in the arena dancing and having fun together. It would be great if the audience wasn't packed like sardines in that standing area and actually had enough space to have a little boogie around. Still, the duo sing well and show that they are having the time of their life on that little boat on stage. This is what Eurovision should be about, artists knowing that this is probably the most that they will ever be able to achieve internationally, enjoying every moment they have on that stage, hoping and praying to bring pride to their nation. Belarus! I salute you!

3rd Run - Lovesh!! I know, I know, but there is something cathingly energetic about this song which just wants to make you get up off your seat and dance. Hopefully this gets conveyed to the audience at home since I doubt the juries will be very impressed by it. I guess we just have to wait and see until Thursday.


The team stuck to the same wardrobe they did during the first rehearsal. Maybe they didn't watch it on video? Maybe they didn't read the comments? Maybe they forgot to bring another dress? Whatever the reason may be, it is not good enough. The rendition of the song itself is what we have been used to - mediocre. Miruna however decided not to sing the last chorus and instead lets the backing singers handle it. In the meantime she starts giving us an example of how she can't reach high notes. Maybe not the best time to start experimenting with these choices but let's see if she keeps them in a few moments time.

2nd Run - Well, the good news is that it didn't get any worse. But nope, the screaming is still there.

3rd Run - Well, no pyro but the wind machine makes a very strong comeback in this song. Wouldn't be surprised seeing the poor girl blown away! Or at least her dress. We do need to ask however; "Who though that this stage design was going to work well? When did someone think, 'Oh yes! Let's dress her up as Big Bird off Sesame Street and have yellow and pink backdrop! It will be totes amaze!" Whoever it was, please can we get the number of who is supplying you with your stuff?


We have more graphics projected on tv screens. Most of which are just harmless what could best be described as pink interference glitches but there are moments in the chorus where these digital heads appear to be screaming, assuming this is portraying the 'voice in [his] head'  however it does not work at all. No one is impressed by it. We're all in agreement however that the national final performance was much better and that something has been lost since then.

2nd Run - A respectable run but nothing to write home about still. Those graphics need to go since they distract rather than help anything. It's strange since visually this should be exactly like it was in MGP but it isn't. Two NQs in a row for Norway?

3rd Run - As with MGP, Joakim is not lit up for the bridge - not everyone is pleased at this. And there is no pyro for Norway further reducing it's chances.


We were supposed to have a run but Henrik asked to "cut the music" since the lighting didn't seem to work. He then said "it's a dark song!" to which we all laughed.

Take 2 - Well, that was an experience! The camera has been changed quite significantly from the first rehearsals, only sometimes working in their favour. The backing dancers were on stage for the whole song last Tuesday but now only appear from "Don't let go!" onward. Jacques is wearing a leather suit jacket and is delivering well. This did not get the reaction it did a few days ago however. May we have thought it better than it actually is? That never happens here in Eurovisionland does it?

2nd Run - Oh, so they are playing with cameras again. This time the beginning is back to as it was on the first rehearsal. Backing dancers are wearing dark grey suits with black t-shirts while the two guys playing instruments are also in dark grey suits but this time with white t-shirts. This worked better than the first run today. Still not sure about the shot with three Jacques - right head, left head and actual Jacques - but I guess they know what they're doing ...

3rd Run - We're playing with cameras still - something we can't really say much about since at the end of the day this is what rehearsals are for. It would be nice if they stuck to something though. Pyro is available in this song also and adds that little bit of fairy sparkleyness which was deeply missing up to this point! The laughter erupted when Henrik states "we're currently counting you as one person but we're looking into it". #croatiaskandal


The canteen upstairs is improving bit by bit - maybe due to the competition downstairs next to the male toilet. But today was a lovely dish of chicken drumsticks and rice. Tasty rice too. Gnam gnam!

Day 7 - 2nd Run Through : NED / HUN / DEN / IRL / SMR


While Jummie is wearing pretty much the same as in the first rehearsal, however he is wearing a black t-shirt instead of the sleeveless v-neck. We do not approve. Someone needs to have stern words with the delegation. Valentina now has white stripes down the sleeves of her jacket and her pants are now black at the front, white at the back. For the rest, the two are vocally compatible and the backing singers do not overtake the show as we've seen in some other entries. Looking forward to the next rounds.

2nd Run - Oh! And the handbag is gone. Valentina seems to be a hoot to go out clubbing with. Might even be worth befriending her. Does she still live in London or has she moved again? But back to the contest - much colour, very spirit, wow - no hashtag. I would love to give this a spot on Saturday but do I really believe it or is it just wishful thinking?

3rd Run - And since there is no fog, or pyro, there is not much more to comment on the song. We will just have to wait and see if Europe will be feeling this duo's spirit on the night.


Brendan is wearing pretty much the same however the shirt is now unbuttoned and he has a white t-shirt underneath to stop his belly showing. Other than that it seems there were not any major changes made to the package being shown. Few colour changes of lighting but that's all we could notice. Coming after Anja however, unfortunately this entry seems a bit amateur. Brendan does his best but he's not the strongest singer here by any means. And we're still waiting to see that damned balloon fly somewhere. Why have such a prop if it's not going to do anything. At least the giant head has lazers and scary yellow-glowing lights coming out of those eye sockets!

2nd Run - Well, I don't see it personally but I've been suggested that apparently the balloon looks like it's actually moving since the wind machine is pretty strong. I'm not totally convinced but thankfully there is another go to help me make my mind up.

3rd Run - I don't see it. But the fog works nicely. I however don't think we need to worry about which half of the final Ireland will be singing in.


After that disaster she wore on Tuesday, it seems Anja went back to the frock she wore in Dansk MGP. Camera work needs a bit of improvement, quite a few funky shots and also we get to see the steady-cam people filming her ... that is not supposed to be the case - ever. Vocally this girl can give it though. We heard her warming up earlier and now she is belting the song out perfectly. There are also rumors at the table that this could be the semi winner. I probably wouldn't go that far but I'm sure she'll feature in the top 5.

2nd Run -  Another good run. At least this time we didn't see the steady-cam people. Confident and composed.

3rd Run -  Pyro curtains are the accessory of choice in Denmark it seems! Although the stage is already mainly just golden hues (sometimes purple) the effect adds a little bit but it's not as breathtaking as we've seen in other entries. Still, doubt we'll not be seeing her on Saturday.


Joci's shirt has change from a simple black t-shirt in the first rehearsal to a blue shirt with golden embroidery. The dancer is wearing the same while the violinist is now fully clad in black. Joci is performing adequately vocally but there is just something missing about this whole package. The dancer looks scared (maybe she's supposed to be but we don't know) and there is no real chemistry between the two. The violinist (Emese) is just on Stage B minding her own business, getting involved when she needs to. I wouldn't want to have lots of money on this reaching the final.

2nd Run -  Still not sure why the milk jug is on a stand. It could have simply been handed to him or left on the floor. Another decent rendition but not giving me any palpitations and I doubt it will give much to Europe either.

3rd Run - There is pyro in the instrumental and have to admit it works well - but since when has pyro ever failed us? Joci and Alexandra (aka Mulan - thanks to Bálint for the comment below) dance around in the fiery circle which has been created until this turns down and we go to the rap section.


No costume change for OG3NE. Vocally amazing, these girls can really sing even at silly o'clock am. The camera work is spot on! The girls look extremely confident and are just beautiful in their simplicity. The backdrop accompanies the mood and melody and has some lyrics shown - choosing carefully which ones in order to make the best effect to the audience and viewers at home (even though these are not always seen on camera). Even though I am usually considered emotionless, heartless, a soul as black as the depths of the ocean (to name but a few) this song is actually the first time this year that I've been nearly brought me to tears. Qualifying.

2nd Run - Camera was not as good as it was in the first round but still the vocals are amazing! Unfortunately however the camera is what makes the package work as well as it does. Still qualifying but the Dutch need to make sure that their time in the viewing room is spent well.

3rd Run - *shiver* that is all.


What? No Uberdrama? No updates blocking my laptop for 45 minutes? Actually arriving at 09:32 instead of 09:56? There are strange mystical forces at work and I am not liking it one bit - this is going too well.