Friday, 21 May 2021

Running order for the final

01 Cyprus
02 Albania
03 Israel
04 Belgium
05 Russia
06 Malta
07 Portugal
08 Serbia
09 United Kingdom
10 Greece
11 Switzerland
12 Iceland
13 Spain
14 Moldova
15 Germany
16 Finland
17 Bulgaria
18 Lithuania
19 Ukraine
20 France
21 Azerbaijan
22 Norway
23 Netherlands
24 Italy
25 Sweden
26 San Marino

Some observations (from myself and/or posters on our Message Board)
- Albania gets a 2nd position again, after 2019
- Malta, as one of the hot bookie faves is on rather early
- The middle finger on stage from Germany is immediately followed by a song mentioning middle fingers.
- Efendi is followed by TIX ...
- The end of the first half has two high-pitched male singers rather close
- While Finland was following Bulgaria in the second semi-final, these contrasting entries will be next to each other again but in reversed order.
- Also Belgium and Israel are 'neighbours' again, and again in reverse order compared to the first semi-final.
- Eight of the ten semi-final two qualifiers are in positions 7 to 17,  with only three automatic finalists between them, and no qualifiers from semi-final one.

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