Thursday, 9 May 2013

Semi 2 - what we think

We have spent two more days in the aforementioned darkened room, working our way through successes and disappointments and, well, Azerbaijan's version of 'logic'. And as a result, we have now prepared some errounous predictions for you to disagree with! The four of us present (Martin, Sam, Yair and the moi) have predicted as follows:

Latvia - 0
San Marino - 1
Macedonia - 0
Azerbaijan - 4
Finland - 4
Malta - 2
Bulgaria - 2
Iceland - 4
Greece - 4
Israel - 4
Armenia - 2
Hungary - 4
Norway - 4
Albania - 0
Georgia - 4
Switzerland - 0
Romania - 1

Seems we agree quite a bit, with no less than eight entries getting a green light from all of us there! Poor Latvia, Macedonia, Albania and Switzerland, though...

Now, what do you think? Send us your predictions by postcard or fax, or simply in the comment field.


  1. Just add San Marino as a sure qualifier and everything is perfect...I'd say.

  2. Could you do the same with the first semi? :D

    1. Inga, we did! See here:


  3. ComPLEtely agree on this one ;-). I go one step further, and I'll add a ranking to it as well:

    Semi 2 qualifiers:
    01) Norway (will improve)
    02) Georgia
    03) Azerbaijan (only thing lacks bit, the song)
    04) Bulgaria
    05) Finland
    06) Greece
    07) Israël
    08) Malta
    09) Iceland
    10) Either San Marino or Hungary

    And the qualifiers for semi 1:
    01) Moldova
    02) Russia
    03) Ukraine (will improve)
    04) Netherlands
    05) Denmark (overrated)
    06) Serbia
    07) Ireland
    08) Belarus
    09) Cyprus
    10) Either Estonia or Croatia

  4. Switzerland will receive huge televote support from almost everywhere, because of Salvation Army's 100 of thousands supporters and members. They are waiting for Swiss performance.

  5. Looks neat and fairly accurate. Personally, I have a hard time seeing Israel being a huge success. I want to like the song but it never really takes off, does it? But you could be right and I could be wrong. Has happened before, legend has it.

    1. It was the one of the 'safe' ones a few put in late, to be fair. I can see it ending both 3rd and 9th in the semi, but either way, not doing much in the final...

  6. Really not understanding the hype for the Azeri song...

  7. Ai deezagri beekouze10 May 2013 at 00:24

    Switzerland has to qualify and Norway not. What is the Azeri logic? Did I missed something?

    1. According to their little speech, "the box represents 'logic'". You really couldn't make it up...