Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuesday morning. This means semi 1 day!

Attended the rehearsals at the arena yesterday afternoon and after that we grabbed a quick dinner at the apartment just to be able to rush off to the Irish party at the ever so lovely Shamrock Inn irish pub here in Copenhagen. It was supposed to start at 19.30 (Yes I use 24h time, so sue me) and we were ACTUALLY a little early, wich happens to me very rarely. The place was almost full when we got there!? It's obvious the irish are appreciated for atleast their parties. We got to see some nice performances by Carl Espen and Kasey Smith among others.
After partying irish style we were ready for Euroclub and decided to take the bus there and went to the busstop close by. The phone app that predicts busarrivals was sadly mistaken about the 5 minutes it should take for the bus to arrive so after waiting for 45 minutes we got to Vega by other means. I am really starting to question the Danish bussystem after yesterday.

Vega was hosting the Israeli party. Apparantly Israel celebrated their independence day and that means party. Loads and loads of different performances on stage and a buffet of food that made my chefs heart pound a little harder. All in all a very nice night where Mei Finegolds performance really left an impression on me. Pure performance joy! :)

Well, I am off to hang out with my coffeemug some more and then off to the arena for all kinds of shenanigans. See you there!

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