Monday, 5 May 2014

1st Dress Rehearsal - SF1 : After the songs...

Voting done  and we have a quick tour of Copenhagen.

Trying not to spoil it for people but it is quite unique. We are shown the good things of Copenhagen with what looks like the secret service on hand to ensure that only the good things are seen. We also have a gigantic Little Mermaid helicoptered in and placed on top of the real one so that the tourists can enjoy her in her beauty... A fun concept but they haven't been true to the Copenhagen most of us have encountered - bad bus service, confusing roads, people puking in the street at 5pm, people shouting in the street at 5am like last night, bad bathrooms and plenty more ... but this does not get mentioned to the tv viewers. We did find out today though that it was worse in 2001 so we should consider ourselves lucky we didn't have to do it twice.

The next record is "Most Silver" which could only be won by one person! To be revealed tomorrow night.

After the record, we have a run-through of the Big 5 plus Denmark.

Finished the preview of the six songs, Lise goes to talk to Jon Ola Sand. He needs more time since there are many votes to count, so Lise gratiously gives him more time. To fill in time she asks him what he thinks of the show. Being the Executive Producer, we could imagine what his reply would be.

Another record, "Longest Note" - and a surprise winner here!

Jon Ola then gives his thumbs up to continue with the show and we can now confirm the results are in. We now have qualifiers (in order of announcement by Nikolaj and Pilou):


And finally...


Poor Sanna is crying herself to bed tonight it seems! If this was a true result anyway.

Finally we get a recap of the qualified entries in order of appearance not announcement. Once the recap finishes, the qualified artists are already on stage and waving their flags. Nothing left to say by the trio of hots apart from "Good Night Europe".

And it is a Good Night from us too, off to get ready for Italian and Israeli party both conveniently held in Euroclub! God help us tomorrow.

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