Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rehearsal 2 - Finalists (Germany & UK)


Good vocals on the first run, not a lot of movement on stage and the backdrop is simple and shows the band name at various spots on the screen. Cutsies. Ela is wearing a bargain basement jacket and sensible black dress - perfect for a good hike. Not too much excitement for this in the press center, but that's probs more due to the Israeli party hangover.

The third run features party streamers at the beginning which I imagine is what we'll see on Saturday. This is perfectly competent.


First run. Mols is wearing a strange feathery top, great vocals! She's not making too much eye contact and looking around nervously and not smiling. The stage goes dark for the last bridge and there's a beautiful lava lamp kind of backdrop. There are overshots of the gorgeous floor in a paisley design. I'm loving this!

Second run. Now she's smiling, good girl. Missed a note there for a bit and she's miming now. Not sure what's going on. I guess she's saving her voice. And btw, the backing vocalists are wearing black feather shoulder pads to match her gold. They're so good on every run, pitch perfect.

Third run. She's back in form, but not sounding as good as the first run. She seems a bit nervous and is missing eye contact and camera cues. I hope we see first run Molly on Saturday but either way it comes across great on tv.

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