Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rehearsal 2 - Finalists (France & Denmark)


The lead is in a tight checkered short sleeve shirt and a yellow tie. Another one is shirtless and in colorful tights and the third is wearing a teeshirt and shorts. All very colorful and fun, but a bit manic.

Second run is the same, lots of running around. The backdrop features a moustache in various flag colors - cute gimmick.

Third run - big sweat stains under the lead's arms. Nothing else to notice here, and I don't see this lighting up the scoreboard.


First run - Basim is in a black tux with a loose red bow tie, white socks and shiny dark red shoes. Ah youth, you can see his acne on the close-ups. Very simple backdrop, just a naked lit wall with the focus on the act itself. This will light the hall on fire on Saturday.

Second run - The backing dancers aren't dancing in synch but I guess it's intentional. The camera work for this is a bit strange, too many close ups on Basim and not enough wide shots of the great backers. Something about this seems somewhat disjointed.

Third run - different dance routine, I guess they're testing a new version. This one involves the catwalk, and different (much better) camera shots. During the bridge it's just Basim and the backers in a huddle staring at him. The stage is exploding in light and they just dropped a huge Basim banner with the last verse. ::gasps of displeasure in the press center:: This was a weird rehearsal and I'm not sure what they'll go with.

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