Tuesday, 6 May 2014

So, who will my finger of doom fall on this year?

As per tradition, we need to ensure that we completely ruin the chances of an act by selecting them as one of our favourite 10, bringing forth the wrath of the heavens for liking that cow pat of a song. This year, the lucky 10 from me are as follows:

(Would normally give reasons but unfortunately don't have much time before leaving for the arena)

Azerbaijan - My predicted winner of he semi-final

Now let's see how badly wrong we are. I think just missing out would be Portugal since they will get the drunk vote much more than Latvia since I don't believe there are that many hardcore alcoholics watching Eurovision from the beginning on a Tuesday night. Unfortunately this semi seems to be dominated by former Soviet nations which ensures vote sharing for non-rigging reasons.

I predict Azerbaijan as the winner and possibly San Marino as the wooden-spoon holder this year. Cannot see either jury or television viewer getting excited over her performance and even though she will get some points, it will not collect enough to keep her away from the dreaded 16th place. Only a few hours to go and we will know! The craziness that is Eurovision is about to begin in full swing!

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