Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday morning rehearsals

Well, good morning! We are set for a new day of madness, and have been moved to a bigger cinema for viewing today. My shoes are off and I'm ready to go!

You've all read Sam, Yair and Martin's reports from yesterdays rehearsals, of course, and I don't think I have a lot to add to that, apart from BWAHAHAHAHA to Ukraine. And for one that have been doubting Denmark big parts of the season, it did seem to work very nicely yesterday. Should definitely do well, and the falling pyro and glittery confetti works wonders for it, but it's by no means a new Loreen.

Biggest improvement from my original impression of the entries yesterday was Estonia for me, which is odd, since it was just as expected... OH, and Montenegro is starting!

The two lads are wearing some sort of spacesuits that make them look like two Michelin men, whereas our diacriticed friend Nina Žižić is dressed like an electric bee (true story!). This is a big burp of fresh air, really, no matter what you think of it, and it looks pretty much as expected on stage, and fairly authentic. Stands out a mile, and positively too, but I'm still not convinced enough people will actually vote for it.

The background looks nice and flashy in yellow-ish green, so I'm sold, of course. I'm easy.

And the Michelin men now turned into proper astronauts for the second run-through! Emerging out of smoke at the start, looking surprisingly neat, actually. Just to underline how out of line with the rest these boys are!

Roberto starts off with an absolutley terrified and distant look in his eyes in the first shot, but then again, that's nothing new. Other than that it's looking quite nice, really! There's two female dancers showing up out of nowhere from behind, complete with Hold-on-be-strong-No-one-style hand moves and all, making it all look pretty dishy. Can they take over, as he clearly doesn't want to be there...?

Would it be very Terry Wogan of me to say that it's during songs like this you notice how nice the set is...? It truly is for this one - a cold and blue feel. Starts off with the condom lamps on stage, but they eventually disappear, and we have bits from the lyrics being projected in the back. I think the best bit it is during the DUBSTEP, though, when it turns into more generic patterns bouncing along to the beat.

All in all, I'm assuming the Belgians are pleased with this - they have every reason to be, at least.

Giant discoball UFO containing Alyona alert!!

It opens, and there she is! The concept sounds ridiculous, but it doesn't actually look as kitchen sink-y as it might sound in the end, with the discoball working as a background prop all the way through. Colours are in silvery and orange, which looks very good, and the choreography is pretty much the same as their video - WE HAVE INWARD CHA CHA CLAP! #win

So based on the first run-through, the performance looks good (or the idea of it) and she sings well, but other than that, it gave a rather empty and undone feel, and they're lucky there's still lots of time... Most of all, they look a bit confused and unfocused, and Alyona downright terrified at times. But then again, who cares when both her dancers are dishy.

Second run-through, and we have smiles! And the whole thing generally looking quite a bit better already. I'm wriggling my toes as we speak, unsurprisingly.

Smoke and pyro added to the beginning in last run-through, both to a pretty good effect, I thought, as was the fire throughout. CHA CHA HEY

It seems I missed the first nibble of Pasha and Lady Tottington due to needing a wee... Ooops. All set for the next try!

And here we go... And she's back on Romanian, it seems, unlike the mix on the first run-through. Pasha is joined on his piano stool by three dancer boys in the first shot, doing some weird wave. Odd, but sweet too, somehow. They are still doing their great Yaz bitti-moves behind her and... OH, she's going up-up-up-up! Her massive dress is clearly hiding a Sarah Dawn Finer styled lift, and raising for the big finish, which she sings rather flawlessly. This should be sailing through if this is anything to go by, my neckhair went up! Which reminds me, I should book that haircut...


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