Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sam and Sild's hotties list (1)

Since we're nearly at the end of the first rehearsals, we figured it was time to start compiling our first hotties list of 2013.

Reigning champion Pasha Parfeny is back in an attempt to hold on to the crown, but he faces stiff competition from some of today's dancers. Hi Pasha!

Ryan Dolan (no, no, he's not on the list) has three shirtless dancer-drummers behind him, in varying states of oiled-up-ness. We don't actually know who any of them are, and haven't yet learned to tell them apart, so they'll have to share a place for now.

(edit: we can now tell them apart! One of them is old and a little swarthy, and we have a favourite. #5. That's him on the right looking like a giant.)

Belarus pleased us this morning, bringing along two Serbian boys with big arms and making them wear tank tops. We approve. When they came along to the Euroclub later they had unfortunately been allowed to wear sleeves, which is a crime they hopefully won't repeat on stage. We were less impressed by their backing singer on stage, but we're allowed to change our mind, right? Especially when cute blond boys wear nice-fitting white t-shirts and smile at us.

We knew Moldova were bringing Pasha (who looks to be wearing The Pants today, by the way), but we hadn't reckoned with them bringing three other potential list-makers with them. They were very sweet, and even posed for a photo for us! And conveniently, they're even numbered. Our current favourite is #5 again.

Who are we missing? Who should we be looking out for tomorrow (other than Farid, of course)? And how am I going to get Danish flute-boy into the list without Sild seeing?

(*speaking of eurovision.tv, there's a potential list-maker among them too. But we won't tell which one - we'll leave them to discuss that among themselves!)


  1. That middle Moldovan looks like Eminem.

  2. Ryans Dancers are Alan McGrath artwork on his left arm (pictured above)and Colm Farrell artwork on his right arm. Theres also Nick Bailey on main drums both shoulders decorated :) They are really lovely friendly guys

    1. Thanks for the info Sue! And they really did both seem like really nice, friendly guys :)

    2. Your description of Ryan Dolan's dancers made me laugh! 'One of them is old and a little swarthy' Haha! You'll have to say Happy Birthday to the 'older' one Colm cos it's his birthday the week after Eurovision! They are 2 of the soundest lads ever so you should really get an interview with them! :D

  3. One fo the Belarussian dancers (the younger one) is from Slovenia. He's name is Ziga Sotlar.