Tuesday, 7 May 2013

ESC2013 infiltrates New York

While my dear colleagues slave away watching and reporting the rehearsals in Malmö, yours truly has decided to travel in opposite direction, only to discover that even in New York City, the 2013 edition of the ESC is all but inescapable.
Like tiny nuggets, if you know where to look, these clues appear at the weirdest places, but unmistakably, they ARE referring to the big event in Sweden. Proof is added below.

And it is indeed Sweden that is proudly advertising its colours all over town. The Konditori thinks the best brand to have is simply the Swedish flag. And right they are!

The first solid clue is this: The spiritual home away from home of the Swiss entry. If you'd walk in, you'd probably even find the uniforms.

Yes, that's right. Only Love Survives, even at the Bethesda Terrace fountain in Central Park, also famous from the movie When Harry Met Sally. But this couple clearly only had Ryan Dolan on their minds. 

Finally, tucked away at the back of the second floor of a large Barnes And Noble bookstore, you find an entire section named in honour of this year's Dutch entry. The management probably wanted to feature this more prominently, but the Mothers Day hallmark cards had to be sold by the weekend. The stand will likely get a better spot at the start of next week. Probably. Ish.

There are quite possibly even more examples of Eurovision 2013 invading the streets and stores of New York, but maybe you should show us, where you have spotted any references to this year's ESC edition! Send us your pics and we'll feature the best ones in one of our next articles. So start searching and snapping!


  1. I'll bring you more examples from NYC in a feew weeks.

  2. Great! Looking forward to it! You can also send stuff from the very city you are now too!