Monday, 28 April 2014


Wait, no, I mean wild prediction.

I've been on a plane for five and a half hours today (to somewhere warmer than Copenhagen), so have had lots of time to think of my wild prediction (almost) before rehearsals start. I've also been intending to do an actual full prediction ranking, and a new one just before the final to compare, so why not combine the two?

But then, what's considered wild in a year like this? The long flight didn't really enlighten me... Then again, I was preoccuppied with nomsy tapas in nice little trays, drool-sleepage and the likes for much of it. It wasn't until I dived into my purple hotel room I decided what it's going to be:

Belgium is not going to qualify.

Why not? Because he's above medium-sized? No, quite the contrary, I think that's one of the few advantages it has. But because it's dull and overdramatic, because he has a thin, grating voice, and because the lyrics are creepy and awkward. And most of all, does anyone know of anyone (other than Ruslana) that actually likes it?

My main reason for sticking to it as my prediction, though, is that it saves me from the impossible task of deciding where to put it in the final - PJUH! So here's how I think the scoreboard will look in just over 12 days.

1 Sweden
2 Armenia
3 Azerbaijan
4 Denmark
5 Austria (I couldn't find anything to put here, so here's officially my other wild-dances-bonanza-fail prediction)
6 Netherlands (And I keep them coming!)
7 Greece
8 UK
9 Malta
10 Hungary
11 Italy
12 Montenegro
13 Norway
14 Spain
15 Romania
16 Ireland
17 Ukraine
18 Israel
19 Russia
20 Moldova
21 Finland
22 Slovenia
23 France
24 Lithuania
25 Estonia
26 Germany

Looking forward to be able to change this after the rehearsals - and then be even more wrong!

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  1. "And most of all, does anyone know of anyone (other than Ruslana) that actually likes it?"