Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I broke Ukraine :/

Well, not really. But I was watching the rehearsal clip and was wondering why she was singing the wrong melody, and then I realise she wasn't. But I keep expecting her to sing this, basically

Also, Google has kindly informed us what a child conceived by Axel and Corinna May might look like. At least, if you google "Axel May" (don't ask me why this was done), this photo appears.

(I didn't say it! Google did)

As for a bit of a wild prediction. I suck at predictions. Possibly because I was never really that into the results-aspect of Eurovision, but rather just the entries. However, predictions can be a bit of fun, so jhere's my totally random and unscientific wild prediction:

Romania will fail to qualify based on the televoting alone, but the juries will rank them higher and send them to the final, where they will be bottom 12. 

(This will probably not be true at all, now)

Bring on more rehearsals!

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