Monday, 28 April 2014

Rehearsals1 SF1 (Part 2)

Well, after a reasonably-priced lunch of pasta with green pesto and chicken (yes! I forgot to take a pic of it - AMATEUR!) we're back for part 2.

Surprise surprise, basically take the exact same thing as you saw in MF and apply the Copenhagen stage to it. And there you have it - noting more to say.

There's been voices going around of "do you think Sanna could do a Bergendahl?" to which the "yes" camp seems to have a majority - but lots of people seem to be against the Swedish entry not so much due to the song, but due to it not being represented by Ace Wilder whom many appear to believe should have had the blue and yellow crossed flag this year.

In my humble opinion there is very little chance that this will fail to give Sweden their fourth consecutive qualification. What it will do on the final night is another question (I still don't see it fairing badly - just maybe not greatly).

In the meantime, let's enjoy the sunshine!


Side note: I've just noticed there is a camera shot counter on the screen next to the camera number, and Sanna has 9 in the first minute, 9 in the second and a total of 30 by the end of the three minutes.

Love it or hate it there is something about this song which makes you want to watch it. They are dressed in the same tracksuits they were wearing in their preview video. The stage is lit up a bit like you would have expected it - 70s colours and groovy patterns. In the beginning it seems there is a wall that is breaking bit by bit into colours - those of the rainbow obvi! This will go down well in those pinnacles of openness of Eastern Europe (not) but hopefully the Western nations will enjoy it. Not sure it will be enough to give Iceland a qualifier so it could be the first time since 2007 that they will not be seen on Saturday but still hoping it will go far.

At the end of the song, the camera zooms out to show that they have spelled "LOVE" with their bodies. Yes, I know I could put this better but don't really know how to explain it. Think of dancing to YMCA - that!

 Pollapönk during "Meet and Greet"

And while waiting for Albania...

Aram MP3 during his interview session

Joran from Aarzemnieki

Tanja in her "Meet and Greet" session.
Hersi is really sweet but as much as I would like this song to be a "oh don't worry you'll get through no problem" song, it is ... well, not. The staging has had much more thought put into it than her music video ever had even though in some moments the distance between the singer and the instrument-players seems to make the whole group not unite. There is mainly pastel colours used in the backdrop which lull you into a suggestion of calmness in the beginning. Hersi is standing on some pedistal which is in centre stage, not sure how tall it is but I would doubt she should jump off it. There is also a smoke machine involved - this time real smoke, not the cost-cutter digitally-enhanced variety.
Ooh, we're having a run through now and it is only instrumental. Hersi is on stage but is not really doing anything. Maybe some tech prob? She does not look happy! Seems like it's nothing major and they will be getting ready for another run through shortly.

Back again and trying to notice what has improved. Well, seems the pastel has already gone. The first couple of verses seem to now have a simple dark background with the blue-lighting - quite similar to Sanna ony without the encircling bit. She does sing quite well but will her nerves hold on the night? She already seemed to have some 'oops' moments and this is just rehearsals. I know that there is a lot of pressure on her from the nation to qualify but could it be that it is this which will make her fall on Tuesday?

Another break now, and in Part 3 we will have Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belgium.

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  1. I bet I can guess where the 'doing a Bergendahl' whispers are coming from. Are they related to 'OMG Cyprus is completely overshadowing Saade' from a few years ago? ;)