Monday, 28 April 2014

Rehearsals1 SF1 (Part 3)

After a quick "coffee with mini mælk" break (I didn't realise it wasn't a longer break) we have the next country in the competition:

Well now! Ok, it's no secret that I have quite a dislike of this song but we have to be unbiased here. The girls have a transparent stick which they are each holding and they do some choreography with it which I still don't really understand but sure they must. One thing that did bring out the "wow pwetty!" screal from me was when thier podium ends up being some kind of giant see-saw. Later on in the song this see-saw opens what could be described as a fan-like paper shape from it and acts as the sun at the last moments of the song "You are my rising sun". First gimmick of the season - even though I think they need much more than that to help them.

Stage wise, lots of reds and oranges and sun-burst warmth. Today they wore a bluish shirt over white t. Do they ever dress differently do you think? Would one of them have a breakdown should the other not be dressed in matching attire? Vocally not that good but that's no surprise. Backing vocals not to be seen on stage. There  is now going to be the full-pyro run so let's see what this adds.

And the answer... not much. It's nice and all, it's falling pyro from the ceiling à-la Ell & Nikki. Nice, but not WOW! Still think the diaspora will be enough to see them through to Saturday. 

Which is which? Well, one of them is the AlfaTwin since she hogs the mic at the Meet & Greet

Simplicity does it justice. A nice ballad without any major gimmicks, well, unless you count the trapeze-artist that seems to be spinning around her. Good use of lighting (seems that most of the songs today have put thought in the set design this year). One effect shows us as if in a gothic church, showing the windows motifs. Beautifully sung. The only thing which seems to not be working is the trapeze artist, which, if the past is anything to go by, may not be included in the actual show should it not be spot on (remember the vanishing backing vocal for Safura?). Definite qualifier without shadow of a doubt.

And it starts with a gimmick - a hottie in a hamster wheel (where most of them should be if you ask me). He is very fit and needs to keep on running for the whole three minutes! The wheel also moves accross the stage to ensure there is no staticness in it. Vocally though, Mariya could be saving herself since it is not the best rendition I heard. Maybe because I mentioned it earlier, but this seems to be the first song which the lighting does not seem to have much of a story to tell to the audience, guess they are relying on the gyrating guy to do that for them. Obvi there is some connection between Mariya and the guy and she is waiting for a wind machine! which does not happen in rehearsal one run one. "Pochemy, where was the wind? I was waiting for it!"

This is another song I believe will be seen on the Saturday night. Need to be careful, soon enough all 16 will be there (well, apart from the ones we all know have no real chance in sweetness of making it). 

Well, he is dressed in his suit and bow-tie so the question would be is this his suit of the night or not? If it is, when will it be dry-cleaned? "Mother" is back to scare European children and impressionable adults alike! Like with Sweden, the staging is quite like that of the national final, mostly dark with elements of blue and purple. Granted, there is an element of grandure in it which was not availabe at the Sportspaleis in Antwerp but in essence it is the same. Good volcals, meh song - but again, I see people voting for it. It will get points from the Netherlands for sure. Will it be enough though to secure a spot in Saturday?

After the next couple of runs, we will see if we will be staying or going to catch the bus to get ready for the opening parties of the 2014 season - EuroCafé and Euroclub are opening today and all have special guests (ooh!). Pictures will naturally follow tomorrow morning(ish).

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