Saturday, 16 May 2015

Recap of Lunch: Semi 2 run 2 day 6.

Well, Portugal decided on the best of their selection. And their best was ... well... we shall see. She is a favourite currently in the voting ... not that she will be happy for it though. San Marino is ahead by a bit in as second to last.

These two are lovely crazy. They are the kind of artist we just want to have in a party. And you know they would be great at it. Not sure what will happen with this, but however it goes, I'm glad they are here and they are bringing their energy to the show.

Loads of issues in the rehearsal, stopping and starting, mic transmitter falling out of his pants, random camera angles and a increasingly frustrated-during-break Nadav. However, even though he is so young he is a professional while performing. You would not know that he has not had the best day up to now. I tentatively say this will qualify.

FANTABLULOUS. Not much needed to get Latvia to the final. A comment not made by myself said that she needs to try and do her hair a bit better. I guess if this was the only negative, explains it all.

The staging is working well. Still hearing some jealous snarky comments about the size of the shirtless male dancer (not many people care about the girl) but the thought behind it was quite innovative if you ask me so kudos. Kudos and good luck! Would love to go back to Baku, tubakoo, Asserjibun.

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