Saturday, 16 May 2015

Recap of Dinner: Semi 2 run 2 day 6.

Going to two parties and a kebab place and getting kicked out of all three because they were closing was no a good idea. My juices have flown to somewhere unknown and my mind is shutting down slowly but surely. Interview waiting is draining and watching rehearsals is leading to insanity - but we love it all deep down. I apologise in advance however if I end up repeating myself or not really finding anything enlightening to say about things.

So sweet it gives you cavities. Cavities which are expensive to fill. And you start regretting eating the sugar. But you still eat a chocolate bar the next morning as part of a healthy breakfast. End.

Why does he need to rehearse? This is just sorted as it is. But we're not complaining, we get to see Måns over and over and over again - good times! He must be a top 3 surely.

Well, she is now on a sunny beach backdrop! No, no, she's still in the forest. She hasn't got lost in there yet. Oh well, still time.

No no, I joke. It's ok I guess. Nothing magical but ok.

I still don't get it personally but everyone I talk to seems to think it's amazing - so who am I to disagree. John is a sweetie though so I would be happy for him if/when he does go through.

As with Sweden, this is just to run through and make sure that nothing wrong happens. A strong song with a strong show. Cannot fault it.

In the name of love ... and all that is sacred I better not comment. Bed time me thinks.
She uses the clips we also see in the video where she is dancing and having fun. Lovely. Thing is, if the commentators don't mention she is not wheelchair-bound by accident and not by birth, or if the audience is either ot paying attention or just not able to process information due to alcohol levels in their blood - which is very plausible by this point - then it's just some random woman dancing when Monika is singing...

So, done for the day. Food, quick nap and then out again! We need our head studied.

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