Saturday, 16 May 2015

Recap of Breakfast: Semi 2 run 2 day 6.

OH MY GOD! THEY KISS! ON STAGE! Lithuania 12 points!.. for equality. The rest of it did not change from the first rehearsal. But why change anything when you think it works well?

Molly doesn't look at the camera at all. Is this what she was going for? That is all.

World is still turning in the wrong direction. For a young couple of artists who were up quite late last night belting songs they seem to be doing quite well. The song still seems like it should be the theme tune for a low budget Disney film or some single for helping the poor. If this would be Sweden it would be RadiohjÀlpen not MF.

The backdrop still gives me a bit of a funny tummy but oh well. All backing singers seem so angry, what the hell happened to them? Not meaning that something bad happened on stage or there were issues with the rehearsal, no, they just be angry looking. Like they ate substantial calories or something.

PS: And turn and hop and turn and hop and turn and hop ... nothing like a good ol' Slavic dance.

OK, unbiasism (you understood it, it's a word, really) to the wind! This is my home nation and it's amazing! Obvi!

OK, joking apart, it is a huge improvement from the first rehearsal. Amber looks great and the stage and camera angles work really well. Some people are mentioning it's too Conchita but so are a few songs which have a similar rhythm this year. Amber sings well but I can see her belt it more on the night.

BLACK PANTS! Thank the TV gods! No change of outfit for Debrah but the camera is working better. Singing towards each other in the first verse - good, singing to the audience in the second and chorus - not so good. End scene works amazingly well. I still think they could have done a bit better with the middle. Still - qualifying without any issue.

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