Friday, 15 May 2015

Recap of Lunch: Semi 1 run 2 day 5.

Smouldering hot looks from Elina. She still however doesn't place herself well enough on the shadow. Piercing blue eyes! We will see them on Saturday - I say so ... and we all know how always right I am ...

Second run through one of the tech team which I would think is audio is on stage taking down some notes. One of the guys from Merge talks to her a bit but not sure its about the sound. Daniel is still wearing his raincoat which actually comes in handy today.

Third run seems not to need audio lady any more.

Flags are still white for the rehearsal. We've already been told they will not be white in the show. We thought so and it just was made correct: they are all going to be a single colour but together they form a rainbow (well, as well as you can with four flags). Blue, Red, Pink and Yellow.

Bojana really belts this out though. I admit being one who did not understand why people cheered her before now but I have to admit the lady can command attention.

She came, she sang, she sang more, she really kept on singing. She left. We survived.

It will qualify though, so whatever we think about it, it doesn't matter.

Maimuna smiles quite well now. Everything works OK but that is about it. It doesn't seem to have anything stunning to make it shine from the rest. Still, it has a violin and thunder and wing effects and clouds so that must count for something.

UPDATE: Belarus had to cancel all interviews since the schedule was not kept for them. We were given Swiss chocolate in order to say "Sorry" even though it was not their fault. SPACIBO BELARUS!

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  1. They must have felt *really* sorry, otherwise it would have been Belarussian chocolate