Friday, 15 May 2015

Recap of Breakfast: Semi 1 run 2 day 5.

Music seem to have caught everyone off guard and at some point Eduard stops singing. He then mentions "I can't hear". This surely shouldn't count. Jump could do with better angle. it seems he should be breaking the floor when he lands, but it didn't quite show or time that properly.

Still not getting the circle very circular and some funny camera angles while trying to get in it. Would have been better if they just moved around in a circle until they met rather than the awkward way of it currently. Other than that, it is the only song which gives me goose bumps.

Nothing really wrong is happening, but also, nothing really great. Some moments that I'm not sure about like - why is there a shot of his crotch while lying on the floor? Not complaining, just asking. And why is he having an argument with his face at some point?

THE DRESS IS GONE!!!! Good times! The vale still has not - bad times! It does get taken off after a short while but it still does nothing for me and many others. Still so many questions in the song lyrics and in general about the whole thing. At least that damned dress has gone, but will it be enough to save her?

PS: OOh, a red suit this time - but prefer the leather!

Watch any video of the performance from anything on youtube and just add the ESC stage. Done.

Blueness, shinyness, fabulousness. Why did we ever have a doubt on this song? How far it came from a parking lot in Athens Mall. Such sassy. Much emoting. Wow.

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