Friday, 15 May 2015

Recap of Dinner: Semi 1 run 2 day 5.

Second run through had an issue so it was stopped. Perfect again from the next round. This cannot be anything but a contender. Seems like all acts today have an issue with the in-ear levels.

The boys seem remarkably comfortable on stage. After one of the runs, the tech guys were on stage sorting something out but clearly we have no clue what. I am assuming it must have something to do with beer - which I approve.

Elhaida has a tattoo on her left hip - the revealing outfit shows so. She is no Rona Nishliu when she screams but despite this, staging is working well. Now, if only Gridi Kraja would make an appearance and say "Dashuri" we would all be happy.

Ooh, we needed a sound check run. "Yes it's ok" said Elhaida after a few notes.

All suitcases appeared this time, I guess some airline (cannot name in case we get libel) must have lost them first time round. The floor shows photos of the boy which when seen from above seems as if the suitcases are the pins keeping them to the wall. Tip for you Romania. It would have made more news if they were pictures of actual kids left behind in Romania rather than a boy who has acted in a movie - doesn't have the same effect as poor little nameless orphan child from Flămânzi.

In-ear issues again. You can also see some wire sticking out of her back... sure that will be fixed. Mic stand was hit during fierce warrior motion and ended up just wobbling in the background, losing the fierceness of the shot. She does hit the spot on the floor though where she needs to stand for the effect to work - which she didn't first time round. Surely this will do fine.

Or maybe not... after quite some time of tweeking we tried a second run through, which lasted a few seconds and got stopped. Run three... and still fierce! Ooh, and wire is gone.

Now... off to San Marino party! There's apparently 1000 pizzas! You cannot say no to that!

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