Friday, 15 May 2015

Interview: Moldova

A quick look at Eduard's official website, and you find out that he has been performing since the age of 5. Also, he participated in the Ukrainian "President's Christmas Trees" in the years 1999-2002. The question left unanswered is, as what? Was he just a mid-tree decoration or was he the fairy on top? His career also sees him in many contests with the term "Magic" and instances of "Slavic Bazaar" mentioning a total of 28 accolades. Trying to make a long bio short, love him or hate him, not many 22 year olds can boast of having their own label while having two master degrees with honours. Not only that, he is pursuing his PhD, writing a thesis in "International Competition of Tax Systems and Tax Policy of Ukraine in the Context of Euro Integration". As someone who has a 9-5 in Finance, that is quite a mouthful and definitely not an easy task while flying the flag for Moldova during the next 14 days.

Offical Website

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