Saturday, 3 May 2014

Where do we go now?

Naturally to the Macedonian delegation hotel in order to get home!

Or at least that is what happened to a lucky group of accredited people waiting for the "new" half hour shuttle-bus service. Unfortunately for those gathered in the brisk cold, waiting for a 'late' bus, it appears that those with the power of knowledge did not find it important to advise of the change to the bus schedule for today in which they earlier had decided to cancel the half-hour service and keep the hourly one until today and start the new format as of tomorrow.

So, who would you find to the rescue but the fabulous Tijana, singer for Macedonia. After finishing her run of interviews and appointments after the rehearsal of the day, she was leaving the press area when she saw a waiting Dutch journalist whom she appears to have already known. Replying to her question of "How are you", the journalist replied that he had been waiting for a while for a bus which appears to have not shown up.

After having taken a few steps, the Macedonian singer stopped in her tracks, turned round and asked if she had correctly understood the situation. Once confirmation had been achieved, and the look of confusion taken off her face, the solution to this conundrum seemed to come quite quickly to the starlet. "You come with us" she stated as if it was a silly question to assume otherwise.

We have been to many a contest, and have been in many a situation, but this has been only the second time a delegation has allowed us to travel on their bus - something which needs to be noted and appreciated! We therefore would like to thank the Macedonian delegation and Tijana especially for their kindness which they did not need to offer. They have taken us out of the cold, brought us to a destination much closer to ours and in much less time since they have the direct route rather than the shuttle which seems to travel on a route identified by a two-year old let loose with a pen and a map of Copenhagen.


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