Saturday, 3 May 2014

Rise up to the end of SF2 second rehearsals!

Nearing the end of the second set of semi-final rehearsals and another good pick-me-up song to get us back in the mood.

Working a lot better now on the screen. The vocals have also imrpoved to a point, there is much less improvisation of lyrics which adds the the clean-cut feel. The only thing which from the screens seemed to have not been as it should have (apart from the shots of the audience which at the moment are replaced by stereotypical members of the Eurovision press) was the timing of the getting onto the trampoline which needs to be worked on. There is a shot where we follow the gymnast and hidden from view, Nikolas and Risky Kidd get on the trampoline. The latter however, due to the bright white background during this section of the song and the slowdown of the frame speed on the screen, was seen slowly getting on the trampoline - not an image he would be wanting broadcasted to millions of viewers accross the globe. Thankfully however it worked better in the second and third rounds. This will qualify.

It seems that they have made a decision and the mic stand has won! Or at least it has for now. Visually still looking good to me. It's no Rändajad but still respectable enough. Vocally hopefully this is not the best we have. There were a few bad notes there but as always the question is - was it just to save herself or is it actually a mistake on the part of the artist? All in all however the presentation is good enough but does Slovenia have enough people who vote for them? The juries may help them slightly but as is well known juries (or televote) alone does not necessarily save an artist. It won't bomb like Hanna Mancini did (even though she wrote the English lyrics to the song) and my wild prediction does mention this will do much better than people think but am I totally wrong?

The gimmicks are still there, even though some of them still don't work well on camera. Singing last will help Romania. Not that there ever was a chance of this not making it, but it could find itself being placed higher than it deserves due to this. The chemistry between Paula and Ovi is still the same, trying but not really coming accross to the viewers. Pyro hasn't been used yet in the first run through so see what its like in the second run.

No pyro on second run either, but one thing I forgot to mention, the piano now lights up. Paula and Ovi also embrace eachother tenderly in the rendition and then painfully separate. Not sure what they are trying to do with this but the whole thing looked a bit not right. Still waiting for the pyro so here we go for third round.

OK, so pyro has been used also. Nothing left which Romania has not tried this year. Ovi in the circular piano still looks quite bad and to a certain extent pointless on the screen but they made the piano so I guess they must use it. Just heard that it was supposed to be hung from the ceiling but this was not allowed. Still sure of this qualifying but how would it do in the final? As always, you should comment either below or on the Message Board.

And that is it from us for the moment! We will be back tomorrow for the first rehearsals of the Big 5 and Denmark.

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