Saturday, 3 May 2014

Could there be something better?

Than Finland which is the next song to be rehearsed after a short 30 minute break?

The performance is not the most enthusiastic and the boys are not the smiliest of people one can meet but they are not here to be happy smiley, they are here to do their job and that's it. As long as the three minutes on Thursday night work well for them then there is no real need for them to entertain the crowds at other times. The staging is still not the most imaginative and the guys just stand in place and do their bit but for the needs of the song it works and I don't think we will need to worry about them missing out on one of the available Final spots.
Kasey is now connecting better with the camera but not exceptionally well. The set has not change since the first rehearsal and the camera angles are used to highlight the effects of the backdrop which sometimes means that the shots are quite wide, making the performers a bit small looking but this could be what the delegation wanted. Vocally Kasey starts a bit shaky and then gets better the more the song progresses. The two male dancers are doing well considering that they both have been out a number of times and seem to be having late nights.

Third run through and it is sounding better. Seems like whatever the problem of earlier was, this has been resolved. Would it be enough to help the Irish through to the final though? Would Ireland and Slovenia end up fighting each other for a place in the final? Would Ireland stand a better chance due to being on earlier or is Slovenia's one but last position be in its favour? Let us know and Comment below or in the Message Board.

There seems to have been a couple of issues with the technical side of this song. Other than that the song is not really changed since we first got introduced to it so many months ago. Teo comes, sings and leaves. That's about as much as there is left to say about this song now. And many comments can be seen here.
FYR Macedonia
Tijana's voice is not that strong in the first run. The performance seems to have been cleaned up a bit since the first rehearsal and the camera angles are working a bit better. Now that they appear to be in costume it visually is more appealing but there is still something about the whole thing which is a bit flaky. The question to ask would then be, would the time between now and Thursday be used well enough in order to ensure that the remaining rough edges get smoothened down to make it more appealing to the general voting public. Also to ask - why is Tijana not wearing her signature glases? Will they make an appearance on the night? Why are they being so prominently promoted throughout Eurovision portals and not be part of the costume? We believe it may be in order not to distract the audience at home from the rest of the show - but really, the glasses are amayzing! Your thoughts? You know what to do!

You can't be mean about this entry. The song is happy, the singer is cute and likeable and he whistles! It might not be a mega-hit in the making but performed well enough it could possibly secure a spot for the Helvetic Confederation. It has family appeal and is not at all polarising - from your granny to your annoying little sister would be able to enjoy this. The presentation is working well and Sebastiano uses the stage to good means. He could be a bit more motioned during the violin solo and could do without shouting "come on" to the viewers when he doesn't have a mic but if those are the only pointers to say could be improved it is doing well.

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