Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bananas, strawberries... and beans

Right now I'm in the backstage delegation lounge, a huge open area with sofas, some free food, and dressing rooms on the sides, all inside a big tent. Further away is a make up section, portable toilets (quite fancy though, they even have showers) and a delegation canteen.

The food in the lounge contains a rather experimental flate of assorted fruits. Not that I mind beans, but I'm not sure what the pods are doing here

Rehearsals then... Greece is doing their thing now, we can watch it from a screen in here. The Irish one went great (I want that floow in my livingroom!!) and only a few small things will get changed.
Those of us not on stage got to see it from the greenroom in the hall, where a big screen and earphones were set up. In between each runthrough there us a chance to give comments to the camera, lights and sound people, to make changes for the next runthrough. 

Oh, and apparantly it is not allowed to take any photos of the singers backstage without first asking their permission. So you will have to do without any papparazzi shots :-)

This is where the props are stores

And this is where the stars do their business.


  1. LOL for the bathroom.

  2. My guess is that the beans are for the LCHF people (Low carb high fat). They can't eat fruit, too much sugar. Beans are ok.