Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday afternoon

After spending almost an hour waiting for shuttle buses that never appeared, and then nearly an hour on the bus that eventually did appear, we finally made it out to the arena. In spite of being very late, the dress rehearsal was just at Albania when I got the chance to sit down and watch the screens. I guess the re were delays with the rehearsal too :-)

So, last night was the big opening party for all the delegates. The city hall was a nice venue and provided us with free food and free drinks, which always helps. Otherwise there isnt much to say about it. There was a folk music band in a corner, which resulted in a spontaneous dance performance by Aram mp3, Mariko, the Latvian girl and some of the Icelanders. In general I think most artists really appreciated the chance to hang out and mingle with each other, without being interrupted by fans wanting to take their picture or tell them how much they loved their song but that they think the runner up from the NF was much better.

The night continued at Euroclub, with Ruth and Twin Twin and a bunch of othes performing. I personally left early-ish, and was even in bed by 1.30. Saving myself a bit for later in the week :-)

Tonight there is the Irish Party at 19.30 at the Shamrock Inn. No invitation is needed (accreditation might be needed though...) so if you're around, make sure to come by :-) 

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