Monday, 5 May 2014

1st Dress Rehearsal - Semi Final 1 (P2)

Sanna has a lot of breath! She manages to fill a number of yellow lilos and puts them into her community centre swimming pool and takes a picture of the blue and yellow cross flag.

Nothing extra written for Sweden could really do it justice. An impeccable performance and even the couple of notes which might not have been perfect just added to her seeming fragile and being part of the song. Qualifying for sure.

The guys from Pollapönk go into the frozen tundra of Iceland and wait until nightfall. They have set up various light emitters which they then switch on at various frequencies in order for different light colours to be seen. These get projected onto the ice for their flag.

They went for the suits it appears (maybe the sweat pants were too council estate for Eurovision). The song is performed well but would people vote for it across Europe? Iceland know they can qualify so it is not a case of no one votes for them - but that was when their song was generally loved by all. Could No Prejudice fall in this category?

Nicolaj then comes on screen for the first break. We then get records. Highest Hair being the first. We will not reveal any winner to keep the surprise if you want it. After the record is revealed, Lise and Pilou take their moment to talk to the audience at home and in the arena.

The possibly most interesting and confusing postcard! Hersi gets a tattoo of the Albanian eagle on her upper back between her shoulder blades. We are very confused since it seems it was real (and quite big!). She then gets her tattooist to take a picture of it through a red filter which creates the backdrop of the flag! Oh my god, why did no one ask her about this in any press conference?! 

In regards to the song I think this is a bit of the unlucky song of the night. If this was taking part with another group of songs I believe it would not be a question of qualifier or not, but with the Semi 1 draw it seems to not be strong enough to finish within the top 10 in order to get through to Saturday. A shame but I am sure Hersi will have more songs to come for us.

The sisters are in some kind of room full of hanging light tubes of various colours, and are walking around with their Smartphone. They appear to be searching for each other and once each found the other, there is a pic on the Smartphone of three of the light-sticks, naturally white, blue and red creating the Russian tricolour.

I still find the song difficult to enjoy but cannot say I dislike it any more. This rehearsal however was the best we've seen yet, and could get even better by tomorrow. It will definitely qualify, despite all the gimmicks it had thrown at it and all.

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