Monday, 13 May 2013

Semifinal One, first dress rehearsal (rolling blog)

We are seated in the arena and arw waiting for the first dress rehearsal to start.

Theres some sort of bridge installed in the arena now. Connecting the back of the hall with the stage. Kids are standing on it, being part of the opening, probably

Surprisingly, the show starts with Euphoria. First a video of folk versions of it, from apround Europe. Then kids singing it. And lots of sign language. (How original). Eventually Loreen walks onto the bridge in a Kate Bush-dress.

Petra appears, in a shiny mermaid dress. Sounding a bit shouty right now. She speaks some french as well.

Not gonna blog too much about the songs, unless there is anything new. But the postcards are really nice, featuring the singers. I can also report that the sound in the hall is really good.

Austria, Estonia and Slovenia passed by without any problems. Birgit got a spontaneous applause when she did the high note.

Croatia sounded a bit weird on the hall, as if the volumes of their mics were not right. But I assume it wont be like that on tv.
Denmark is what it always was.

Petra back on stage, joking about the slogans that were rejected for "We are one". One of them being "Don't complain, it's even more expensive in Norway"

No surprise with Russia. But Zlata sang one line and then stopped. It seems like the giant ripped off her microphone cable or somthing. Now they are starting again. Oh, and Zlata is in a new dress. A very boring peachy thing.

Anouk still ignores the cameras, but sings great. One of the stage floor lights seems to be broken and keeps flashing in pink... hmm

The light kept going crazy throughout Montenegro (which was fine) and then it seems like they fixed it (or just unplugged it) but now during Lithuania it's wonky again. It's right at the front of the stage, so quite noticeable. Possibly it was the giant that broke it as well?

Speaking of Lithuania, vocally he was fine. While Belarus is a bit shaky, for some reason. (Too much partying?) But looks good in the hall though.
Not sure if the moldovans are more happy, but not much has changed in the performance. Her dress stays red more or less throughout the song, and she still grows tall.

Ireland seemed like something that will come across well in the hall when there is a real audience.


  1. Denmark? What exactly was it, that it was , and presumable still is??

  2. suppose he means the same as it always is?

  3. a pile of shite???!!

  4. This is the first time all songs are performed in a row... couldn't the reviews reflect this more... more analysis...

    1. We promise more analysis from the one that matters tonight (as seen on screen)