Monday, 13 May 2013

Quick words on the first dress rehearsal

Like Jonas, I saw the first dress rehearsal from the arena, and as he's gone through most of it, and Yami will give us a thorough review of the second one shortly, I won't go into detail, but will give you some of my main impressions on it, compared to what we've seen before.

- Belgium sounded very good in the hall, for some reason, and I've never particularly liked it. It came across as much punchier and louder than I've experienced it before. Could it just be the sound in the arena?

- I wasn't very impressed at Russia when it was on, but it still somehow made Ukraine sound a bit *flump* after it. Ukraine, however, have a great clip in the first recap.

- Netherlands comes across as a breath of fresh air after Ukraine.

- The little films during breaks are good - Lynda Woodruff, Australia's interest in Eurovision and especially the little history lesson.

- As Jonas wrote below, the finalists are not shown with their preview videos this year, but different clips. I think it's their postcards, actually, which is a very good idea - much better than the randomness of a few performances, a cheap video, a proper video etc, that we normally get.

- And on that note, the postcards in general are looking great, letting us get to know the singers.

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  1. Are the qualifiers announced in the same format as last year, with the flag appearing in the middle, or is it different this time?