Monday, 13 May 2013

More hamstering

As you all probably remember, Irish singer Ryan Dolan suggested the infamous hamster was hovering when we had a little chat with him at the Irish party the other day. It was a good suggestion, but we felt the issue needed further investigation, and who else to turn to than to the boss himself, Ruler of All Things Eurovision (or something), Christer Björkman?

Just like young mister Dolan, Björkman seemed a bit befuddled by the question, but eager and intrigued to find out. After thorough consideration, he reached the conclusion it had to have a swallowed a copy of the record of his very own Eurovision entry in Malmö back in 1992, I morgon är en annan dag. This could actually be the case. Or could it have attacked one of the paintings the 'she' in the lyrics of his entry painted, that he never got to see? No wonder he never got to see them, really, if the hamster had the munchies all the time...

As we were about to thank Christer for his kind cooperation in solving this important mystery, he said he had to show it to his colleague, viewing room producer Stuart Barlow, and called him over. He suggested the hamster had been "hit by an iron" - which sounds harsh, but might well be the truth.

While doing our research about this Stuart, as proper faux press always should, we also realised he's a great Nina Žižić impersonator, as shown in this video. We approve. Just a pity we didn't have our dubstep sign at the ready.

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