Monday, 13 May 2013

Semi One, first dress rehearsal (part 2)

Next there is a video bit about Eurovision in Australia. Yes, really. Both quite funny and interesting,actually.

Despoina did her thing well enough. And oh, the broken light has now been fixed. That was about the most interesting bit of this...

Belgium had a few out of tune moments at the start but then shaped up. It still looks a bit grey and dull visually, but the dancing seems a tad more in sync than before

Oh, and sorry for any typos I might make, and for not doing a more extensive report. The wifi in the hall isnt great and we are lacking laptops, so this is all typed on my phone :-) But Yair promises a more detailed report from tonight's rehearsal.

Serbia now, vocally fine and seemed to go down well with the audience present. And Petra just called them "Moe dje three". She's now announcing that the lines are open. And we get the first recap of the night!

Which they had to stop and start over, because it had the semi 2 graphics. Calling Hannah "Esma" and all..

Most songs seem to have chosen quite logical bits of the songs for their 20 seconds. The chorus, that is. Except Moldova which had the middle 8.

Now Petra in the greenroom. Which is in a different building. And looks huge.

Followed by a mini documentary about the history of Eurovision. With Petra appearing in some of the clips.

After a second recap the lines are closed and we move on to an interval on the stage. Random dancing around a large cardboard tree. It's all quite dark and looks very early 80s sci fi. The music kinda adds to it. Seems like another one of those typical Eurovision interval acts that the producers and choreographers are proud of and think is amazing, but everyone else forgets once it's over.

And here's Lynda Woodruff. Doing her usual thing. Mispronouncing names etc. She's doing a tour around Sweden, now up north. Licking the walls of the Ice Hotel.

This is followed by showing bits of the six songs already in the final. Most of them NOT the preview videos, but other videos. Then waving to Bonnie and Marco and Robin in the audience.

Result time. Just random ten qualifiers tonight.

First fake finalist is...






Now a recap of all the ten qualifiers. Or winners, as Petra calls them.

Then back to Petra, basically saying goodnight. Show is over


  1. Why is there always something with Eurovision in Australia? It's not that popular over there is it?

  2. Yes, it's huge over here. Both semi-finals will be broadcast on prime-time TV (Semi 1 on Friday night and Semi 2 on Saturday night) with the final itself shown on Sunday night. This is to allow for the time difference, otherwise we would all have to be up at 5am! I know of several pubs and bars here in Sydney which will be hosting big Eurovision parties on Sunday night. It should be a fun night, as long as no-one leaks who won (as happened last year when the winner was announced on TV news programmes during the day!)

  3. Are the qualifiers announced in the same format as last year, with the flag appearing in the middle, or is it different this time?