Thursday, 16 May 2013

Semifinal 2 draw halves

The press conference of the 2nd semifinal is happening at the moment. Which means that each of the ten countries will not receive their final draw order, as that will be decided by the show producers. However, they will draw whether they will sing in the first or second half.

Azerbaijan draws SECOND half

Finland draws FIRST half

Malta draws FIRST half

Eythor just said "You know" about 57 times

Iceland draws SECOND half 

The Koza Mostra lead singer kept eating the microphone and stating "No, I'm not drunk..."

A Greek female journalist also gave him a packet of Greek coffee. Does Greece actually grow coffee?!

Greece draws SECOND half

Armenia draws FIRST half

Hungary draws SECOND half

Norway draws SECOND half

Nodi just called Thomas G:son "Thomas Jayson" whereas Sophie corrected him to "Thomas Gayson"

 BTW, this also means the remaining countries will be second half, as there are no more slots for the first half left.

So Georgia SECOND half

Romania SECOND half

 And Cezar didn't like being compared to Dracula, and more or less said that he's almost as well-known as Dracula anyway...

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  1. Isn't that all the first half slots gone now that Armenia drew it? Thank God, lonely planet should not have qualified. Awful song. But it was a substandard semi compared to such a strong showing on Tuesday.