Friday, 17 May 2013


So this is it.

1. France
2. Lithuania
3. Moldova
4. Finland
5. Spain
6. Belgium
7. Estonia
8. Belarus
9. Malta
10. Russia
11. Germany
12. Armenia
13. The Netherlands
14. Romania
15. United Kingdom
16. Sweden
17. Hungary
18. Denmark
19. Iceland
20. Azerbaijan
21. Greece
22. Ukraine
23. Italy
24. Norway
25. Georgia
26. Ireland


  1. and it a bad little dirty game:(

  2. Prior to the allocations I thought this was a very bad idea and even though my country Ireland got a good draw, I can't help but feel it is still very unfair. Moldova have a really nice song and performance this year, yet now it will be forgotten given it is so early in the run. A random draw is the only fair way to run a "Contest" which is what the Eurovision is supposed to be. That said, I do recognise that the broadcast will have a more entertaining flow.