Thursday, 16 May 2013

Eurovision 2013 (semi 2) infiltrates... Ghent, Belgium!

You might think that we are actively looking for it, but really the only thing you need to do, is have a walk through a random city, and you're likely to find that Eurovision 2013 is everywhere. And I'm not talking about the pwetty butterflies.

Today, the random city is... Ghent!
Aaah... Ghent, errr... say what? It's a medium sized city, full of students, in the north-western part of Belgium. Nicely situated between tourist traps like Brussels (snore) and Bruges (sigh), this gem has been named the seventh (!!) best top destination in 2011 by the Lonely Planet guides. These Lonely Planet guides are of course well known for their extensive knowledge about Armenia...

...and Georgia and Azerbaijan. They may have glossed over one or two political sensitivities when compiling the guide though. On the plus side, each copy now contains a cd-single of Dorians's entry.

Back to Belgium's best kept secret, the city of Ghent. During one of our recent strolls through the city we stumbled across two more definite references to this year's Eurovision. With the second semi-final tonight, we thought it apt to show them to you.

This restaurant uses one of Switzerland's four official languages (Klingon is not one of them) to honour the Takasa entry. No it's not "Restaurant", although they might serve chianti and polenta.

Cezar was here. "Was" indeed, because the sign above the door indicates that the store space is up for sale. I wonder why.

Will these clues help the contestants tonight? Only a few more hours until we know. But one thing is clear: Whoever placed them there, is counting on going through to the final on saturday, since Belgium isn't even allowed to vote in tonight's semi. Money well spent, I'd say.

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