Friday, 5 May 2017

Day 6 - 2nd Run Through : MKD / MLT / ROM


We start, Alex does his first part, then Ilinca announces "I can't hear my ears at all, they're not working!"

So, take two! Alex is showing us his arms this time while Ilinca is dressed in a tiny red number. Vocally neither of them is blowing anyone's mind although the yodelling is still good. The canons are revealed and they are now sparkly! And Alex can kinda ride the one he pushes on stage. Unfortunately EBU have refused the requests of TVR to have confetti blasting out of them due to clean up time. Also refused were two fire cannons. Due to this, the camera shot at the end of the song is wide, which does not really suit in this occasion. I can understand the frustration of the TV station in this case since that visual would have helped them a lot.

2nd Run - Actually maybe the request being turned down is not such a bad idea. Throughout the rehearsals we've seen the cannons on more than one occasion pointing quite directly at Ilinca's head, so whether it be confetti, or worse fire, she might be glad that Alex's cannon-pushing skills are not putting her directly in danger. Although it would be entertaining.

3rd Run - Alex has just talked to me: "Now what’s the use of being so confused, of doing all this work you really don’t want to be doing?" These songs actually make sense when you read the lyrics. Sometimes. No, no - I joke! But the run itself was same as the other two, this time the cannon was at a safe angle and all in all good enough to qualify.


Claudia also decided to change her costume for this rehearsal. Although similar to that worn on Tuesday, this one has an open cleavage. I guess we will know which one will be decided on in the dress rehearsal. Vocally Claudia shows us how it's done, especially with the trio we have before her in the semi (although I still believe Nathan was just having a bit of a bad day). No gimmicks as you know in this song, they wouldn't fit if there were. Unfortunately nobody at the table was facing the screen when the shot of the bosom-backdrop was due so we need to wait for the second one to see if it was kept or if the camera was changed to have it not so visible.

2nd Run - The bosom shot is still there, and Claudia stands right in between the girls. A very confident and competent rendition. Before coming to Kyiv I wasn't truly believing this could qualify but I am now converted and would be quite surprised if it did not.

3rd Run - No faffing about for Claudia, she's finished with one and on to the next! And another very strong rendition. And we're now off for a bit of yodeling! Hurrah!


Gone is the green thing from Tuesday's rehearsal, Jana is now dressed in a black shimmery number with fringes - much better. But that is as far as the improvements go. OK, she's less $25 corner more $75 hotel lobby but still. Vocally we're still a bit squeaky in the beginning but she manages to bring it back later on in the song. Jana might not be dancing alone on the semi-final night but she probably will be hugging a bottle on Saturday while watching the contest on TV.

2nd Run - The vocals are still not convincing. The backing singers are clearly better than she is - and they are hidden which seems to be the way to do it this year. Nothing in this song makes you want to get up and dance - not sure if that is ironic or not considering the title. Here's hoping for some glittery masterpiece to be rolled out in the third try.

3rd Run - Unfortunately no glittery nothing, no pyro, no smoke, no nothing! Oh well, MRT will be happy for the refund on the hotel.


I know I mentioned yesterday that lunch has it's own section - but since I've not yet been to lunch there is not much to comment on it. I might even try and get some fruit! I'm assuming they're not going to add spices to THAT also. I mean, literally, everything is covered in spice here, even salads. Tasty spicey, but spicey! This Western type of stomach does not deal well with this constant Eastern type of food!


  1. Thanks for your in-depth, and funny commentary. :)

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