Friday, 5 May 2017

Day 6 - 1st Run Through : UKR / ITA / ESP / DEU


Camera starts from inside the chandelier and zooms in while going down. Levina is lying on the stage floor dressed in a dirty-white long-sleeve top with cut shoulders and a grey long skirt. Stage is playing mainly with black and white geometrics. This then starts blending in with the starry space. Vocally we're not receiving a treat but it's by no means the worst we have heard this year. Not troubling anyone at the top of the leaderboard (or anyone on the left side) but if there is any justice, she will not make it a row hat-trick for Germany and last place.

2nd Run - A decent repetition. This time we notice that the top is backless and that Levina is barefoot.

3rd Run - "This time with pyro" says Henrik. "With pyro!" cries the fan press! It took us a while to get there but finally we get there! We have a half-curtain and at the same time shooting stars from the chandelier. Germany in fact have spent quite a lot of money on pyro it seems - the effect lasts for quite a while. As always, approved!


No one is actually paying attention to this. Like nobody. It's on the screen and everyone is chatting with each other. I'm trying my best to actually care about it. So, the scene starts with a (what I am assuming is) a moon-lit night sky with clouds passing by. This then ends up turning into some beach with palm trees - cue sick bags.

Manel is dressed in a Hawaiian shirt (barely buttoned) as are his three companions with instruments. Unfortunately we get to see hairynipplegate! This couldn't scream last place more if it tried. Again, we know the cameras will be worked on but vocals are mediocre at best and the energy on that stage is the same as when receiving a wet kiss from an estranged elderly aunt. The only thing worse than having to see this once, is having to see it repeatedly in succession. What one suffers for their hobby!

2nd Run - So, now that we paid more attention. The backdrop starts with a silvery globe which pans out while you have the darkened beach in the forefront. Strange since the globe should be the moon (would make more sense) but it is not - you can clearly see Europe and Africa etc. Anywho, the globe then splurts to become this beach thing. Nothing strange at all there. Manel's shirt seems to be better buttoned this time so we are not inflicted with another showing of his hairy right nipple. Even the camera crew are bored - they spent 5 seconds of showing us the stairs to the stage. Manel does not look impressed at all. We're not either but only one of us is forcing the other to watch them sing for what feels like an eternity.

3rd Run - Unfortunately even though the time had technically run out, Manel still managed a third rendition of the entry. The best I can say is that it didn't get any worse.


The one we've all been waiting for is now on stage! Excitement is already massing up in the press room.

There are three backing singers, two female one male. Female to the left is dressed in blue jumper, middle in yellow and the guy on the right is in the orange ensemble that Francesco himself wore during San Remo. Francesco himself is dressed in a black suit with a tiny silver tie. And actually there is a fourth backing singer - male, dressed in a red jumper.

Background has many elements from what we saw in San Remo with a couple of additions here and there, such as umbrellas blowing in the wind on the backdrop while the floor leds show a figure of a man with an umbrella walking. Also there is graphics of the monkey itself.

In regards to choreography, the backing singers don't do the "Alé!" which would have been more apt and also the cameras are still not very tuned since there are parts where the choreography Francesco is doing and the camera which should be following are completely in two different worlds. If we were a site who liked drama and skandal we would be saying this is a disaster and Italy have just lost the game but since we know this is the first run of the first rehearsal, we will wait to announce that judgement. Until the second one that is.

2nd Run - So the camera angles have been changed and work a little better than those we saw in the first run through. Also, the "Alé!" (or Allez! however you want to have it) is not so much of an issue since the camera pans to crowd which I'm sure will be more than happy to provide the correct choreography for this piece. Although for us who have heard the song in its entirety the cut still sounds a bit weird, and maybe also to Francesco, I guess those who have heard it for the first time will not be too confused by it. A good show for sure - has it given me goosebumps, no. Will it still end up winning ... never count chickens but we've heard that Milan's hotel availability in May is already basically zero. Maybe Turin?

3rd Run - I cannot be sure but I think Francesco got mixed up in the lyrics by saying "cercasi, umanità virtuale" instead of "cercasi, storie dal gran finale". Oh well, it's a simple mistake to make! You can see that the camera crew are playing around with as many angles as they can since the show again seems to be new in this third round. It seems like Italy is pulling out the stops this year to ensure their package is seen as best as it can be.

That was it for Italy, on to ... Manel! Another piece of information you get to find out when being here, due to the reaction of the eurofans during the national final, rtve decided to not accredit any fansite with 'P' but rather gave them all 'F's. There you go.


So we were not able to see it from the beginning but it did pop up on screen in the end. Gone are the timers coming out of chests and the team is dressed in black. We've finally revealed which act has the mysterious large head - this one! Since we didn't see it from the beginning we can't comment on how it started but it seemed pretty good at first glance. And what more could you want than lasers being shot out of the eye sockets of a massive shiny head in the middle of a stage?!

2nd Run - Trying to get more information on what is going on in everything. Starting with a wide shot, the stage has an 'under the sea' vibe to it. Correction to previously, the lead singer, Yevhen, is dressed in a silver jacket over black. The stage turns to black tones and green lighting while during the instrumental bridge we then have lots of lightening and strobing. The head which at first seems silvery, and later simply seems possessed) then starts turning golden hues at the end of the song with the background complementing this change. The backdrop appears to then be the new dawn rising from behind mountains and the head has a body starting to be attached to it via the floor leds. There is a lot to take in with this performance so definitely needs another look in order to try and understand.

3rd Run - The vocals are what we are used to with O.Torvald so can't comment much on them. The colours change from blue to dark after the first chorus and then the green spots are added during the second chorus. One thing that was noticed this time, the eyes of the giant head are closed at first however later these open in order to reveal the lasers (at first) and then, during the golden hues, the eyes shine yellow also. Not creepy at all.

4th Run - Another decent performance. I don't think it will be worrying many people but decent enough - and they're on home soil so they have the advantage.

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