Friday, 5 May 2017

Day 6 - 1st Run Through : GBR / FRA


Dressed in a pretty sparkly black and white with hints of gold number, Alma seems to be enjoying her time on stage. She may have a tad more make-up than needed but we shouldn't judge. Once again she is alone on stage throughout the song - as many have chosen to be this year.

The backdrop starts as a skyline of a city (we cannot see any distinctly Parisian buildings therefore cannot tell where it is - if anywhere). In the bridge however we can clearly see that this is Paris since it is a night cityscape and the Eiffel Tower is centre-stage. The landscape (or city lights if you will) then start playing in the backdrop. Since this is the first run through it was a bit hard to concept everything but one thing sorely missed is the dancers from the video. They would have fitted so well in this with that simple choreography they do but nope, once again a lone singer on stage.

2nd Run - Not much to comment extra from the first run. It does seem a little bit disappointing from what we could have had from France this year but let's wait and see how it will look in the second rehearsal on Sunday once the team has had time to look at it in the viewing room and decide which best angles to use.

3rd Run - There was no pyro, no petit sparklies, NOTHING!

But thank you anyway Alma! We can now close for the day. Many thanks to all!


Lucie is dressed in a gold sleeveless dress. She is inside a mirrored shell and the camera starts as if it looking from up above her but in fact it is filming a reflection and Lucy is camera left. We've got another simple starry night background with various hues of gold every now and then coming from sunbursts. Vocally Lucie is doing well, not excellent but good enough. She still managed to get a large applause in the press area - but that may be since most of the people here seem to be coming from this land.

2nd Run - It took a while to get started with the second run however this may be due to the microphone stand now becoming gold also! But ooh! There is an issue with in-ear sound and Lucie stops this.

"Let's try again!"

2nd Run Take 2 - Lucie doesn't seem fussed by what happened moments ago. She is also better vocally and finding her feet. She is static in this shell so there is no dancing or much movement to be done. And Henrik just mentioned the word which excites all us little boys (and some girls) here in the press - our friend PYRO!

3rd Run - And pyro there was - but not that much. Boo - not really that impressive, not when you see what Germany has. Everyone claps and Lucie gets off stage. We're waiting for our 42nd country to take the stage now!

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